MK-42 Mega-Blaster - Mug For Science Fiction Lovers

$ 15.00

Look at this ray gun! It can stop a charging Altarian Bloodbeast with a single well placed bolt of Blue Energy. Don't leave your ship without this amazing piece of equipment! Your life may well depend on it!

Explorers, hikers, science fiction buffs, role players, kids of all ages and anyone who recalls the great space movies of yesterday will want this cool mug! We practically guarantee it. Well, maybe.

Enjoy your favorite beverage in this snappy mug! Is there a better way to relax after a day of exploring?

This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug is an essential to your cupboard. This brawny version of ceramic mugs shows it’s true colors with quality assurance to withstand heat in the microwave and put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, the quality will not be altered.

Available in 11oz and 15oz

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• White, glossy

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