David R. Deitrick's Ceti Myrmaid Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Ditch the plastic! Ceti Myrmaid by David R. Deitrick adorns this eco friendly reusable water bottle! Every day millions of plastic bottles are being used and thrown away all over the world. This has a detrimental consequences for the environment. The oceans are polluted and present danger to aquatic animals.

Hydrate in style! This stainless steel water bottle is as lightweight as it is durable. With a bonus carabiner shackle it's a super travel-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.

"Family ties prompt me to say that she is Athabascan, but geography mandates Tlingit, Haida, Denina or any other tribe living around the Gulf of Alaska. I’ve paired her with  an orca, a majestic sea mammal that I love. There’s something about that graphic black and white coloring that appeals to the designer in me, and in my studies I’ve found a lot to admire, especially with orcas that are part of resident pods." - David R. Deitrick

Item made to order. Please, consider before ordering, that it may take up to 12 days for the order to be fulfilled.

  • 20 oz stainless steel bottle with screw top
  • Eco friendly alternative to plastic
  • Lightweight yet durable and sturdy
  • Seals securely with a twist-on top
  • Includes carabiner shackle
  • Product dimensions: 7.4 inches tall
  • Wash by hand

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