About Jimmo

Welcome to Jimmo Designs. The Jimmo brand is sophisticated and quite diverse. Our original designs sprung from the mind of a cheerful, but profound personality of a New Mexico artist James W. Allmon. We offer distinctive casual fashion, mugs, and diverse household articles as unique as you are. We try to be as environmentally conscious and socially sensitive as only possible, but we also love freedom and reserve the right to free intellectual and artistic expression.

There is something for everybody in our store and we are very proud to occupy a very special space in the world of fashion and design. Our designs were created for men, women and people of all gender orientations that prefer to wear unisex garments.

"Jimmo was born wholesale from a crack on the noggin and took on a life of it's own. I have a lot of fun creating stuff and hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for stopping by!" - Jimmo