Jimmo's Private Label And The Art Of The Dress

Beautiful Emily wearing Jimmo's Golden Gingko Dress

Jimmo's Private Label? Yes, there is. Like all Jimmo's designs, the Private Label is original and unique, and it goes beyond the casual t-shirt design.

Jimmo has been designing fashion since 2015. All items in our store are made to order, but the items in Jimmo Private Label Collection are produced differently. Specific artwork is used to dye the fabric. The garment is then cut and sewn to measure, and Jimmo's label is attached to it making it completely unique and identifiable.

Where artist designed t-shirts are "just" t-shirts, Jimmo's dresses, leggings, and tank tops are unique fashion basics and can easily be combined together in each particular design.

Jimmo's ambition is to create unique items that will be treasured as works of art and not simply as just another dress or shirt. The company we are working with makes it possible and we hope that they will expand the range of products we can use for our designs.

So, what happens when a dress becomes a work of art? Our vision is to revive the Art of The Dress and bring back elegance to daily life. We hope that our casual, but elegant shaft dresses and matching leggings will replace pants and snickers. Nothing against pants and snickers, but in our opinion the modern woman's body deserves a bit more attention. The fast paced life left many women so busy that they forgot how to take care of themselves. The professional woman of today is wearing her business suit, of course, make up, manicure, and expensive shoes, but the ladies who have chosen a bit different path of life seem to only dress up for the holidays. This is sad.

We understand, it is not the 1950s and 1960s anymore. Not even the 1970s. The current trends in society to live beyond specific gender identification often deny femininity as if this were something you had to camouflage with baggy pants and oversize sweater. We also understand that Jimmo alone will not be able to single-handedly reverse that trend, but at least we wish to offer alternatives for women who still dress up when the travel by air or go shopping. In our designer vocabulary no woman is the forgotten woman, and she should never be. We hope you agree.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's

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