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We are only one day away from Saint Patrick's Day! To celebrate his Irish roots Jimmo included a trefoil shamrock leaf in his Just For Fun Collection. The shamrock line includes t-shirts, socks and mugs. These attractive items make perfect gifts for any person of Irish descent.

Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. The word shamrock is Gaelic in origin and most probably refers to the three leaves of that plant. The legend wants it that Saint Patric, who was a bishop in early Ireland of the Druids, was using a trefoil shamrock leaf to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. This is the reason why the Irish revered shamrock throughout the ages. 

The four-leaf clover tells a different story. It is a symbol of luck not only in Ireland. The folklore has it that the leaves of a clover represent hope, faith, and love. God added another leaf for luck, and those who find one such leaf are indeed the lucky ones.

If you are a reader of this blog you belong to the lucky few. Jimmo is offering generous discount of 20% on all purchases. Simply type


at checkout. This offer expires on March 21st. We can only wish you happy shopping and a lot of fun on Saint Patrick's Day. You do not have to be Irish to celebrate!

Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo



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