One Year Jimmo!

Time flies! The Jimmo Brand is celebrating its one year in business! Some of you may already know that Jimmo's designs first appeared on Amazon in November 2015. After carefully testing the popularity of his artwork, the artist James (Jim) Allmon decided that it was time to establish his own store completely independent from the Amazon.

A website was created and a store set up on a cold day in January. Jimmo became unstoppable! A Facebook business page was set up for fans. A twitter account was added a bit later. A Pintrest page were created to engage friends and customers on social media and to show off the goodies.

Jimmo's designs became a brand name and grew in popularity, but since Jimmo's website operates mostly in the US, and Jimmo's Amazon store ships only to addresses within the US, Jimmo decided to open a Redbubble ElJimmo store where his designs are shipped worldwide. It is extremely satisfying to know that someone, say in Australia, can now own a shirt or a pillow designed by Jimmo. Needless to say, this alone feels like success and is worth a celebration.

Jimmo's web based store went into operation on January 28, 2016 and is here to stay!

We are always open to suggestions and hope to see you soon!


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