Jimmo - The Artist Behind The Jimmo Brand

Artist and graphic designer James "Jimmo" W. Allmon wearing his Heinlein inspired My Mistress T-Shirt.

In the world of big fashion name recognition is important, but do you ever wonder about the artists and designers who create small, but extremely popular and affordable insider brands?

Jimmo is one such designer. Avid reader, cinema lover and collector, James W. Allmon is a Roswell, NM, based artist and graphic designer with big interest in science fiction, fantasy, humor and comic art. He has created the Jimmo Brand almost one and a half years ago and specializes in designing graphic t-shirts and beverage mugs.

The Jimmo collection began with a few fun designs and now features apparel for men, women and children, mugs, home decor, cell phone accessories, stationery, and more. And while the Jimmo's Jimmo Shirts Amazon Store sells only graphic print t-shirts, Jimmo's website specializes mostly in apparel and beverage mugs, and ships mostly within the United States, canada, and selsct European countries. Home decor, wall art, stationary, cell phone accessories, and clocks can be purchased on Redbubble where his designs appear under the ElJimmo brand name and are shipped worldwide.

Many of Jimmo's designs are playful or even funny, but many also show serious consideration for the environment and social causes.  Like many artists in his line of business, Jimmo is not responsible for the production or the shipping process, but he receives royalties when products are sold. His designs are exclusively made to order. And while he has no control over this part of business, he has chosen to work with environmentally and socially responsible companies. The products are not made in sweatshops and the order fulfillment centers strive to use as environmentally sane packaging as possible.

Unless you have seen an artist work on his designs, you cannot fully appreciate all the work that went into creation of a product. I am one of the lucky few who were allowed to watch and believe that no artist in this business receives enough money for the work he puts into a design. Hence my vivid support for James and other artists working hard to make a living.

Feel free to explore Jimmo's collections. There is something for every taste and desire in Jimmo's store.

By Dominique Allmon, Marketing Assistant at Jimmo's


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