Celebrate Earth Day 2017 - Save The Bees With Jimmo

The conversation about climate change with its carbon emissions trading, individual carbon footprints, and melting ice caps, has been dominating public discourse for many years now. Weird weather patterns are occurring everywhere and public figures with extremely lavish lifestyles blame us, but never themselves, for our destructive activities that impact the fate of entire planet. The Sun is seldom taken into equation.

Each Earth Day gives us opportunity to collectively revise our strategies. While the weather patterns may or may not be beyond our control, pollution, over-population, and careless use of Earth's resources, is. Many species are dying out, clean drinking water is becoming a luxury in many places on Earth, and we still produce mountains of garbage that cannot even be recycled.

One of the biggest tragedy happening in nature is the massive dying of the bees. Scientists are puzzled and a few theories have been offered, but not much has been done to stop or prevent this sad phenomenon.

The tragedy is real. If bees and other pollinators die out, our food supply will shrink beyond imagination. A world without honey, pears, apples, strawberries, tomatillos, or tomatoes is not a place where humans can live happily, or live at all, for that matter. Even if you do not ever eat fruits and vegetable, this scenario is simply unimaginable.

Variations in weather patterns may only partially explain the phenomenon, but the trouble lies deeper. Pollution, electrosmog, excessive use of insecticides, and GMO crops are probably biggest culprits.

Nature conservationists and entomologists suggest that plant as many flowers for bees as we possibly can. A Roundup treated loan is not a place where bees are save. If you have a backyard garden or a porch, make sure that bright colored flowers are growing there to attract bees and other pollinators. Stop using chemical pesticides and resort to using traditional farming methods where plants live in symbiosis and their "eco system" is a self regulating organism.

We at Jimmo love nature and are very concerned about the massive disappearance of bees. To create awareness of this tragedy Jimmo created an attractive Save The Bees Collection that is currently featured on our website. The collection includes t-shirts, hats, socks, mugs, and reusable, eco friendly shopping bags. To celebrate the Earth Day we are offering you 15% discount on all items in this collection. Simply type


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This year Earth Day falls on weekend. This is a perfect occasion to spend some time outdoors. Go on a hiking trip, organize a picnic, or visit an apiary. Take a moment to relax and observe the nature that surrounds you.

By Dominique Allmon

Wishing everybody a beautiful and thoughtful Earth Day 2017
Jim & Dominique


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