American Independence Day And Jimmo's Americana Patriotic Collection

As America celebrates its 241 birthday and many patriots wonder about the political future of the country in our uncertain times, Jimmo Shirts reflects on the history of the country and the significance of the Declaration of Independence in the age of globalism and multiculturalism.

4th of July is a perfect day for family reunions, backyard grill parties, barbecues, picnics, and all kinds of outdoor activities. It culminates in magnificent fireworks displays that give many Americans a sense of greatness. Many families of Veterans and active duty Military members have their special way of celebrating and understand that the Independence Day and the freedoms and liberties that American enjoy today, came at a high price.

One of our favorite designs is the Old Glory Still Waves Americana T-Shirt that shows the American Flag in a contemporary, urban distressed look. This unique design is an artistic reflection on America's history and the state of things as they are today. Jimmo, a former US Marine, created this design with a sense of patriotic duty and deep love for his country. This is not you everyday Americana. It not only invites you to reflection, but it also makes you look cool and modern.

For those who prefer the more traditional patriotic designs, Jimmo's Americana Patriotic Collection has a few interesting, timeless designs to offer. To celebrate America's Birthday, Jimmo offers 15% discount on all items in this collection. Simply type


at checkout to receive the discount. This offer expires July 14th, 2017.

Wishing everybody a very Happy Independence Day - Jimmo and Dominique

Americana Patriotic Collection


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