Celebrate Earth Day 2017 - Save The Bees With Jimmo

Each Earth Day gives us opportunity to collectively revise our strategies. While the weather patterns may or may not be beyond our control, pollution, over-population, and careless use of Earth's resources, is. Many species are dying out, clean drinking water is becoming a luxury in many places on Earth, and we still produce mountains of garbage that cannot even be recycled.
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Something Green

We are only one day away from Saint Patrick's Day! To celebrate his Irish roots Jimmo included a trefoil shamrock leaf in his Just For Fun Collection. The shamrock line includes t-shirts, socks and mugs. These attractive items make perfect gifts for any person of Irish descent.
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Jimmo - The Artist Behind The Jimmo Brand

In the world of big fashion name recognition is important, but do you ever wonder about the artists and designers who create small, but extremely popular and affordable insider brands?

Jimmo is one such designer. Avid reader, cinema lover and collector, James W. Allmon is a Roswell, NM, based artist and graphic designer with big interest in science fiction, fantasy, humor and comic art. He has created the Jimmo Brand almost one and a half years ago and specializes in designing graphic t-shirts and beverage mugs.

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Kids & Youth Collection Discontinued

After a careful market research and long deliberation, Jimmo no longer offers apparel for kids and youth. However, if you like any of our designs and would love to have a t-shirt made for your child, you can always contact us via e-mail. We will get back to you with the information about ordering process and other details. Just let us know.
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Celebrate Valentine's Day With Jimmo!

Valentine's Day! Time to celebrate love. Love is precious and should never be taken for granted. Celebrate love everyday!
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